Xively Libraries

Work in the language of your choice.

Our libraries make integrating with Xively's API frictionless, letting you write code for your devices, applications, and services with easy Xively integration. All Xively libraries are Open Source and hosted on Github, so that you can use, contribute, and request features on them freely.


A lightweight library to let you write native Android apps for you or your end user to monitor, control, and interact with Xively data. Conforms to Google's best practices.


Connect your Arduino to the world. Log sensor data, control its actions through Xively, and build connected experiences around the Arduino platform.

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ARMĀ® mbed

Develop on industry-standard ARM architectures to make your code easily portable to production-grade chips. Xively has teamed with ARM to ensure that connection is effortless.

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Our C library is an extremely portable way to interface your embedded product with the Xively API, with support for POSIX as well as real-time operating systems. (See the library's documentation for the latest information).

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Electric Imp

Add WiFi connectivity to your product in the size of a standard SD card. Our Electric Imp helper code makes it easy to connect the popular imp to Xively.

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A fully-featured library that takes all the plumbing work out of connecting to Xively. Written to be comprehensive and self-contained, so you can drop it in to your application and go.

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Create real-time visualizations, interactive websites and GUIs in-browser that connect directly to Xively feeds.

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Create native iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac OS applications that easily connect to Xively. Build interactive visualisations, dashboards, and bi-directional control into your products with an iOS or OSX app.

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Connect web elements, write scripts, and interface mySQL databases directly to Xively data with this chainable PHP 5 library.

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Create web app back-ends with Django, tackle research and scientific applications with tool kits like NumPy and Matplotlib, and connect Linux systems from supercomputers down to the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone.

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Easily integrate server-side applications and services into your connected product experience with a Ruby library that makes it simple to communicate with Xively in Ruby.

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