Transitioning to Xively

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Welcome to Xively

We have built on all the Feedback from our great users over the years to deliver the world’s best platform for bringing connected products to market. You’ll find all your favorite features, but more importantly, get introduced to the Connected Product Development Process: Develop, Deploy, and Manage.

Account Migration

  1. Your old Cosm account still works the same. Log in with your usual credentials.
  2. Your Feeds are still there, and now labeled as “Legacy Feeds”. Full product management means letting you work with products and their Feeds, rather than just Feeds alone.
  3. Your privacy settings are as airtight as ever. Your public Feeds are still public (and prettier than ever), and your private Feeds are still private. Public Feeds are now indexed by major search engines (Google and Bing), to be easily found.
  4. The old API will still work, but you’ll want to switch to the new API as soon as possible in order to get the new security and features we’ve built, and will continue to roll out regularly.

What’s New?

The Development Process

Xively is designed with product development in mind. The new develop workbench and manage console let you Develop the connections between products and applications, Deploy batches to test and scale, and Manage in real-time. Take the tour to find out more:

Take the Xively Tour

The Developer Workbench

The one-stop-shop for everything you need in the prototyping stage. Live updating channels, Feed-specific API keys, auto-generated test serial numbers, a real-time API request log and more let you take control of the development and debugging process.

  • Real-time request logs for easy debugging. See every communication that your devices, applications and services are making to Xively as they come in, and get visual alerts if any errors are occurring.

Read more about the Develop Stage

Learn more about the integration of Provisioning and Device Management

Xively Developer Center

With the Xively Developer Center we are aiming to offer the most extensive resource for developing devices for the Internet of Things.