Xively is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things. Xively simplifies the interconnection of devices, data, people and places, accelerating the creation of compelling solutions that transform how people experience their world.

Xively Cloud Services™ provide messaging, data archiving, provisioning and directory services which are accessible through the Xively API. Xively ’s web applications leverage the API to provide connected product lifecycle management capabilities through Xively Developer Workbench and Xively Management Console. To help you get up to speed quickly with the Xively Web tools, we have a detailed tutorial.

Xively overview

The Xively API makes it quick and easy to create products that connect across the Internet of Things.

A hierarchy of data types is used to represent data in the Xively platform:

Products contain devices, which are identified with serial number and meta data. Every device is associated with a Feed, which contains Datastreams with a collection of data points.

The Xively API documentation is intended to help you understand and utilize the Xively API.

Reading and Writing data and metadata is simple and consistent across objects, applications and services.

The Product Management portion of the API addresses defining and managing product batches, and pre-registering, activating, and managing devices.

Supporting elements of the API provide security and communications capabilities.